Friday, May 1, 2009

It's finally done!

I'm drinking my coffee and listening to "Rosetta Stoned" by Tool. This has become a bit of a's a good morning coffee song. Well, it's a good song period, but I need music with energy this time of day.

The last ring I posted about pales in comparison to the challenges I had with this one.

Is it unprofessional to write about my woes and difficulties? I'm curious about other perceptions. I likely won't stop, I think it's important to document what I'm doing right now. If that involves having difficulties (doesn't everything?) so be it. I hesitated for a long time in asking for tips and advice on the etsy forums. I thought it would make me come off as a newbie metalsmith who shouldn't be selling their work if they have questions.

But then I realized that was ridiculous. Who cares if I have questions? Everyone has questions. Who cares if I don't know how to do EVERYTHING? Even master metalsmiths still have things to learn. I have been doing this on and off for nearly 9 (oh wow) years. I'm proud of my work. I'm perfectly ok with admitting that I have
a lot
to learn.

So, onto this ring. As hard as it was (the first bezel wasn't quite tall enough for the dome, so I had to cut out the stone, get the bezel off, and start over...ugh) I'm actually quite attached to this ring. Maybe it's the story behind it. Everytime I put it on or look at it I get a bit nostalgic.

[maybe I should be a marine biologist because I am in love with the ocean.]

Oh, the ring, you say? Here it be.


Chris O'Byrne said...

I think it is not only just fine to write about your woes, but it also helps us relate to you more. It's not like you're whining about how you stubbed your toe last week, what you are writing about is relevant.

And I have to chuckle at your marine biologist reasoning.

jessi sawyer said...

I DID wrench my foot in New Orleans, now that you mention it.

Chris O'Byrne said...

lol, good answer