Thursday, May 7, 2009

sometimes you just gotta make stuff

I have a new ring design to unveil (oops...but you have to wait).

I don't generally like making things over and over, but I think I could perhaps be enticed to make this in various sizes and with various stones.

Truth be told, it changed course while being created. I was planning to do a little set of stackers, the middle having a little 6mm cab and some silver pebbles. Nothing too fancy, but just enough to give it a little somethin'. Somewhere along the way the ring shank was like
put me over here.

I obliged. And I think the result is GOOD (so do the others I've asked opinions of, but, that's not quite enough of a test).

I'll be finishing this and wearing it around. And asking for good, honest opinions. Sometimes the best things are just simple.


Chris O'Byrne said...

You mention a new design and then don't show us. You're such a tease.

jessi sawyer said...

Well it's not FINISHED yet.