Saturday, May 30, 2009

another one


This was going to be a regular ol' ring, and then I thought to make it a SPECIAL RING.
I think it's pretty neat, anyway. I will probably make more in the future, but not sure I can do them to order as I'm not entirely sure how to get the sizing down. Since the band isn't round it doesn't measure as accurately as I'd like on my mandrel. We will see.

I also have way too many projects planned than can be completed in the time frame I'd like. 1 pendant in the works, 3 to be started (one of which is pretty complex), 2 pairs of earrings started, one to be started, oi.

Plenty of rings to be made as well but since that's the bulk of my shop I'm trying to do some other stuff for a bit. I also want more bracelets in the shop, so after this round of pieces is done I'll get on that.

We had a schooling show at the barn today which was really nice. I kind of kick myself for not riding in it, but at this point it's kind of hit or miss with whether or not I can ride like I need to for Cho mare. I don't need to pay for a judge to tell me things I already know, and I feel like I've beaten the intro tests to death. I am ready to MOVE ON. The next one is in July...maybe our cantering will be excellent by then and I can try training level? Or maybe we'll actually have a canter and I can at least try? Riding both of the ponies tomorrow as I am motivated!


Fashionably Adorned said...

Your new ring is very cool indeed.. a neat thought to have it a bit different..

So I'm guessing you ride english?? always a favorite of mine..I always liked the jumping. my sisters friend rides english and does dressage which is so beautiful, the dance between rider and horse.. she let me ride her Memo (horse's name) and I got him to do an extended trot.. so fun!! like floating!


jessi sawyer said...

Yup, I ride dressage. We are in the low low levels right now. I'm learning along with her so that's to be expected!