Monday, June 1, 2009

So much for an early night.

Here is the summary of my day:
angry angry angry annoyed post drilled into my mouth angry angry frustrated annoyed.

Then I took a nap and all was better. Not perfect, but better.

Earlier, I started to write about the pieces I'm working on right now. I used to work very differently in jewelry than other art forms. I thought about it differently. I designed more than anything else and I didn't really use other things (music, horses, life, etc) as inspiration. They weren't inspiration-motivated pieces in that way.

I didn't make it with a whole lot of meaning behind it, basically. Until the end when I switched gears and did some small sculpture in sterling. But the actual jewelry itself I made pretty much purely from a design perspective. It was a way to take all of my sketches from pages and pages of "notes" from various classes and turn them into something tangible.

Now that I don't have a steady flow of photos, film, video, mixed media, and sculpture I'm working on to get that all out, it's beginning to take shape in jewelry.

Not all of it. But some. One of the pendants I'm working on now is from just that and it feels so satisfying to be able to say, yeah, I'm making art right now.

Anyway, this is in the shop. Everytime I sat down to write the damn description I just stared at the screen, eventually admitting defeat and going off to bed. Not tonight!
I love it a whoooole lot and would like to keep it for myself.


Fashionably Adorned said...

I think it's adorable and looks like a little piggly wiggly!! or some sort of sm 4 legged creature.. what do you think?

jessi sawyer said...

hee...someone else said it reminded them of a hippo! I can see it now that it's been pointed out..

Fashionably Adorned said...

Funny, I saw the hippo also after I looked at it again that same day..the hippo reference reminds me of that movie..Along came polly. have you seen it..soooo funny!!