Monday, June 29, 2009

Yesterday after a bit of convincing I agreed to take the big mare out for a trail ride with 2 of her friends.

She's been having girl issues, leading to a sore back on occasion and obnoxious mare behavior, which is not like her despite the fact that she is very mare.

Anyway, so long as there are friends along miss Cho is content and happy and very well-behaved in the great outdoors. Maybe someday she'll learn to navigate down hill better and we can go on trail excursions & not just loops around the property.

I worked at the barn all weekend and fought being exhausted when I wasn't at the not much jewelry to show for it. I do have 2 custom chains & a custom bracelet I need to be working on, a few items to photograph, a few more to list. And a slew of things on my bench that are started. And I need to get my big torch set up, because I have too many big stones that want to be worked with!!

Oh, and then the rest of life (need to list):
and cardio
and buying a new car
and organizing myself better...

The days need to be longer.


Fashionably Adorned said...

Hey Jess, may I call you that?? it is such a habit because my daughter's name is jessica and we call her jess..
Mares can be so rude and have bad attitudes, just like women.. (wink wink)I totally hear ya... I prefer a gelding but my bff back in the day had 2 mares who would throw around their weight once in a while...
Can't wait to see your new pieces!!! I've been trying to get some copper etching done.. slow going when life, hubby, and kids get in the way of my master plans!!! hahahaha..
later gator!

jessi sawyer said...

I have to admit...I love my mares. Whenever I intend on buying a horse I plan on geldings, for whatever reason. And somehow, still, we've owned more mares. I seem to have an understanding with them, and they keep things interesting :)

This batch of stuff I'm working on is taking forever. I don't know what my problem is, I think I just have too much on my plate right now. Hopefully it'll all be done before I leave next week for Texas!