Thursday, June 25, 2009

Disconnected thoughts on a Thursday

Writing is the bane of my existence [i think this phrase is really amusing because it's so DRAMATIC] and sometimes jewelry doesn't need a story. It'll make its own once it ends up where it's supposed to be.

These next few batches (once I figured out WHY my tumbler was on the floor when I got home last night, the little motor running away and steel shot all over the kitchen...) I'm really making just to make because I like designing and making pretty things.

Maybe they'll have stories by the time I'm done. As of right now, their working names are "pink opal necklace" and "spring green ring." I give stuff working names so I can readily identify it in the great notebook of jewelry, which includes all of my notes and pricing fun.

I will inevitably reach a point where my descriptions end up as short and sweet as possible as my little rebellion. I know this because that is what I do. My senior year of college I was so sick of every goddamn piece of art having to mean something that I made a video that meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO ME. When it came time in video class to discuss and critique the video, I let people say their thing and just smiled. When it came time to me explaining/justifying my work, I said "I just made this to make it. It doesn't mean anything, really, what it means is up to're all right." and refused to say anything else. Oh I miss those days. I hope santa brings me a macpro + final cut this year. And maybe kicks my ass into film school? ...

I was going to keep writing and writing and writing about other stuff, completely unrelated, but when I saw how long this was I stopped. No one has that long of an attention span...and it gives me something to write about tomorrow.


Fashionably Adorned said...

Hi Jessi,
I bet that sucked coming home to have your tumbler on the floor with shot, water, and lovlies scattered... what a mess!! I hope everything is running smoothly again.. I ordered my tumbler, oh that's right you saw it.. can't wait for it to get here!!

jessi sawyer said...

Tumblers are really fantastic. I look forward to the day when I can finish my work by hand, but for now it's really a nice option.