Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tarot, 2009, New Orleans

Giganto silver order is on its merry little way. Sheet in all different gauges! Wire of every sort! All kinds of chain!

Or, in other words, the largest silver order I've ever placed.

I could do with a little lot more patience -- as I've said before, I hate being so limited and I'm sick of waiting around for things that seem so basic.

Now to get the acetylene tank filled...

And stop thinking about enamel. Someday but NOT TOday. y/y? y.

The custom order list is growing and will keep me quite busy over the next few weeks.

And that is that is that. Nothing much of interest. I am taking photos of all of my new pieces tonight and they'll be gradually added over the next few days. I like working in "batches." It makes me feel accomplished.


Fashionably Adorned said...

Awesome.. I'm sure you paid a pretty penny for all your metal!!
I just put in an order also, no sterling, but I'm starting to dabble a bit and am going to do some etching... so I ordered a saw and blades, bench pen, some copper, brass and ferric chloride! little by little I plan on getting things needed to start doing some soldering.. thinking I will start to play with copper and brass until I get the hang of it..

jessi sawyer said...

Cool! I'd really like to try etching as well, and probably will before I buy the stuff for enamel. Etching is cheaper :)

I think starting in a cheaper metal is a great way to start. My first stuff was made with copper and nickel silver.