Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to it

(Not a picture of Texas. Another of Nola I haven't posted yet. Too hot in Texas to take pictures.)

Too hot in Texas to do anything!

Except be lazy in the air conditioning. Which, really, is just fine with me. I got to sleep in 4 days in a row and had no responsibilities. Considering I don't get days off otherwise (no weekends for me...3 jobs kind of eats away at your free time) this was a welcome treat.

I am back and have a strict timeline to follow...we'll see if I can get everything done. My goal is to have the next batch finished by the end of the week so I can begin the next one - I have a trunk show coming up in August!

I really enjoy doing these little shows at others' houses. They bring wonderful guests and great food and I get to meet the people buying my jewelry. It is fabulous.

We haven't pinned down a date yet, but as soon as I know I will post. I close my shop and take everything with to these shows...last time I sold over half of my inventory, so grab what you can before I close shop!

The weather is nice today so hopefully I can get photos of the new items to list over the next few days - keep an eye out. Other than that I'm busy fabricating and carving waxes and riding my pony to prepare for the show in less than 2 weeks. Busy, but the good kind of busy. It keeps me from buying too many stones.


Fashionably Adorned said...

good luck on the shows!! my sis and I have been talking about doing a trunk show, is that what it's called when you go to someone's house?? was wondering what a trunk show was... anyway we haven't decided... I don't think I have enough pieces.. I really need to get a job so that I have money to reinvest in my jewelry.. I'm out of some things and can't afford to replace them just yet, which has put my jewelry making on hold...

jessi sawyer said...

The friend who so graciously offered to host this has been calling it a trunk show, so a trunk show it is! :) (Truth be told, I don't actually know...)

The other open house I have been invited to I am a guest, and the hosts are the feature artists. It's nice because while I would like to have as many pieces as I can make for it, the pressure isn't completely on me.

If I could keep my inventory up I'd love to do bigger craft fairs once or twice a year as well, but it's now taken me 3 months to build it back up from 20-odd to 40-odd pieces for this little show.