Thursday, July 16, 2009

I had a feeling...

I think I have been a bit too optimistic in what I could accomplish over the next few weeks.

I also think I destroyed a big ring after spending several hours on it. We will see. I am still going to throw it in the tumbler and hope really hard that the stone sets nicely and all ends well. Usually when I hope such things I'm in denial.

If it doesn't I guess I will just...take it apart and try again. That makes me so sad. I have such little time to do this to begin with, and while I know I need to make mistakes in order to learn it is terribly frustrating.

I have THREE custom orders I'm finishing up for 3 very patient ladies.
I have FOUR really cool and unique stones heading to my door.
I have FIFTEEN (or so) pieces to finish before this trunk show (way, way too optimistic, as only 5 of these are started!)

But the most exciting thing of all is that I used my big torch for the first time tonight! It is like a magic fairy of fire. [the guy at the welding place commented on how narrow my torch tip was and that it wouldn't produce a very hot flame. Hot enough, sir!] I am also only MINORLY afraid of it. It's a healthy fear.

Tomorrow after a light ride on The Cho I will resume the jewelry catch up. 2 rings, 2.5 pairs of earrings, 2 necklaces to finish...2 pairs of earrings to start and finish before Sunday. I think I can probably handle that...

Oh, and this is now in the shop:


Fashionably Adorned said...

That necklace is sooo cute!! trial and error does suck but really it's the only way to learn..

jessi sawyer said...

Thanks! The necklace is very me and reminds me a lot of stuff I made in college in terms of HOW I went about it.

I decided this morning that I'll be taking the ring apart and starting over. Even if I could "make it work" I won't be happy with the quality. Sometimes you just have to recognize when it's not worth salvaging and despite the pain of starting over -- it's worth it!