Monday, July 27, 2009

horse shows

Shortly after Cholula's birthday this year, I informed her that she was a big girl now (7, to be exact) so she needed to start acting like one.

And slowly buy surely, she has.

My scores weren't terrific, nor were my placings. However, I had the best horse under me that I've ever had riding a test. She was forward, responsive, and exactly the kind of horse I like to ride.

More importantly I had a lot of fun and actually laughed when she spooked and spun and was actually quite happy for that because it meant I had energy and forward with her. Ha.

There are some pictures of me floating around out there, but I haven't gotten them yet. For now it will just have to be my sister on The Cho.

I will be listing a few new things today/tomorrow!
I also have a pile of custom orders. It's a little overwhelming but can I really complain? There's a lot of love going around. I could get used to this.


Fashionably Adorned said...

I love watching Dressage.. dancing horses can't get any better than that right!! can't wait to see some pics of you!

jessi sawyer said...

I love watching it too...though the lower levels can be boring. I like to scribe for the judge and keep myself occupied by scoring them in my head/figuring out the judge's comments!