Sunday, July 5, 2009

A bit of Sunday

Oh my.

I am slacking in blog-land.

I have 8 lovely pieces of jewelry tumblin' away. My flex shaft and I are still in the awkward stages of getting to know each other. I need to figure that sucker out, as I know it is the key to the finishing power I so desire. So far I have figured out how to scratch up the metal really nicely, next step is how to get said scratches out. I bought those little 3m rubber dealies only to realize I don't have the correct attachment for basically they do me no good.

It's interesting, how much I do with files and sand paper. And despite how much time that takes I can't seem to let them go and embrace the technology. The reason I really felt the push to get this is all of the tiny spaces and crevices my tried and true files and sand paper cannot reach.

Today was warm but not humid (!) and I had a lightning quick lesson on Cholula. Sometimes I think those are better than 45 minute lessons, because there is no time to over-analyze and think and dwell on what I'm doing wrong, there is only time to ride like hell. I felt like it was some of my best riding and it's so rewarding when I get to do cool things with my pony. I'm a little proud of myself and thrilled with her. This is why I bought that giganto yearling. It's taken 7 years, but she is what I always knew she'd be. Her shoulder-fore is moving right along, she was pliable and we were collected and then out to a medium and then into a canter, easy as pie. After we had a nice little walk around the fields (first time by ourselves) and some trailer loading practice time.

She is love, that pony.