Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The rest of the new work

I am cruising through my to-do list of jewelry to make before the art fair, and with the arrival of some new beads that I just had to use I've even added a couple of pairs of earrings to the mix.
It certainly helps that I'm sticking to simple pieces. I may actually be able to fill a table! Gasp!

Really, though, I've been keeping it simple because I'm trying to hit every price range, but especially the lower ends of things. This is a smaller art fair with a goal of bringing art to the community, and what good does it do to bring a bunch of art no one can afford?
I think it has been good for me to work this way, too. Making multiples, keeping things simple. Staying fresh. I'll definitely be ready to get back to working with more stones and one of a kind pieces after the fair though!
Onto the photos:

Steer Skull necklace (have I mentioned that I love this stamp?)

Suzy earrings: I changed up the ear wires a little and they are still unique - those are the only beads of their kind I had.

I have been dreaming about this texture for awhile. I think I want the copper a little rosier, but overall I'm happy with them. They involved a lot of hammering and I do like pounding the hell out of metal.

I think I need a new name for these now that I'm using different beads, but remember the rainy earrings I made with peridot? Well, I made 2 more of those, too. I wanted to have a little bit of variety, though, and I think I like the coral even better.

Last but not least, a delicate and simple bracelet with rose quartz and pyrite. I love when I'm able to use my scrap towards a greater good (like new jewelry), and I had these 2 lengths of chain hanging out that weren't long enough to do much of anything with. I think this bracelet works quite well!

I have 9 more pieces to throw in the polisher tonight, including a ring! I've been going through ring withdrawal. They are really my favorite.

There will also be 3 super delicate/petite wire wrapped necklaces, some wonderfully modern earrings with clean lines, and a few other bits and pieces.

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