Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why it is important to take photos of ALL of your work...

Taking pictures of jewelry is not one of my favorite things to do. Really, I wish that after I finished a piece it would appear by magic in my etsy shop - pristine, crisp photographs and descriptions complete.

Despite this being a not favorite activity, I do a fairly good job at documenting everything. But fairly good is not good enough, and I've lapsed a few times.

Like in the case of the scribble earrings. I've made three pairs of these and didn't learn my lesson once.

First time: Made using scraps of silver and such right before a trunk show. Ran out of time to photograph. Sold at trunk show. Friend (Andrea) saw them at trunk show post selling, so she ordered a pair.

Second pair: Made from memory of the first pair. Since I had no intention of making them again, my memory was probably not very good. But...since there would never be a side by side comparison, no big deal, right? Just get the basic concept down.

Gave them to her without photographing. Again, I was done, right?

Then the scribble earring receiver lost one of them. So Andrea orderd another pair.

Third pair: Made from memory of second pair. Memory is especially poor at this point as it's been a few months, and again, I only remembered things like: fused copper and silver rings of various sizes. I knew one was hammered. I didn't know how many rings, or even how many copper vs. silver.

On the left you have the 3rd pair. On the right you have the lone remainder of the 2nd pair. I'd be interested to see the 1st pair just to see how much they've changed.

Making these is kind of like a game of telephone, but with my really bad memory.

Andrea photographed the earrings side by side for me...thankfully she is an awesome customer and ended up liking the 3rd pair better anyway!

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