Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to normal.

I mentioned my weekend was a whirlwind of wonderful. And it was. Some rings I was surprised to see stick around for so long found fingers - happy! And we capped it all off with a lovely dinner and (more) lovely wine.

The world would be a better place with more wine + jewelry parties. For sure.

I added a handful of my made to order items to my etsy shop for the holiday season. Stacking rings like these:

Earrings like these:

And of course, horse halter tags and horseshoe necklaces. Because ponies and girls that love them need presents too.

This afternoon I'm going to take a NAP and then head to the barn to ride ponykins. I haven't ridden in a week and have only seen her a few times in the dark while feeding. I miss her.

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