Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm in machine mode. This means making lists and getting overly excited when I get to cross something off as complete. Last week, as evidenced by my blog posts, I went earring crazy. I have a handful of designs I make over and over because people like them. Especially open house people. When I realized how soon the open house was coming up and that I had very few pairs of earrings for said open house, I went to remedy that asap. We are now up to a happy number of earrings, but I still have 3 pairs to finish and 2 to start. !

I am secretly hoping that at least one pair of poppy posts does not sell. So I can keep them. They really don't take much time to make and I could just sit down and DO it one of these days...but it is so hard to make things for myself. Too little time!

Here are 2 of the many pairs that are complete, though not yet in the shop:

Petal Posts

These were born of my incredible ADD and hyperactive studio time. I kept going back to the general concept, and oval oval oval, in between "and then solder and then file this and then wire wrap that and then oxidize these and then set that and then and then and then....!" My hands couldn't keep up with my brain.

And then at one point when I was trying to accomplish something else, I looked down at my table and saw an old template stuck to the top of it that was the exact size and perfectly imperfect shape for the idea. So I dropped whatever it was I was doing and cut these out. Good story.

Bow Earrings

A bit of a variation on some earrings I made in the past (you know, the coral and peridot similar to this. you know.). I bought some larger gauged beaded wire semi-recently, as the small stuff was making me mad. Crazy mad AND angry mad. It breaks everytime I pick it up and try and do something with it. I deem it mostly useless.

But not this beaded wire! This stuff behaved. And that was good. I've had those little vintage glass beads for like 2 years and I'm glad they turned into something more fun than their originally intended purpose, which was the most boring earrings ever. I've grown.

The ear wires are pretty long on these puppies, but I can't remember how long they hang down. Longer than your average pair of earrings. Whatever that means.

That is that! Soon-like I will tell you about my latest endeavor, which involves me employing small children with amazingly developed manual dexterity in order to set tiny, tiny faceted stones. Just kidding. We have child labor laws in this country.

But I did buy some tiny, tiny faceted stones and a foot of tubing and somehow the stones are supposed to go in the tubing. In the tubing. Right. If you saw the lack of tools and how I actually do things you would laugh at how hopelessly optimistic (read: stupid) I am being in thinking I can make this work. Seriously. I have 2 pairs of pliers and one is the cheapest pair of round-nose you've ever seen and the other pair aren't even jewelry pliers. And that's it. You'd be amazed at how many uses I've found for my vice! Desperation breeds creativity? I don't know. We'll discuss another day.

Off to the post office and to find some lunch!

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