Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm back!

I have reopened the etsy shop til Friday, when it will close again until Sunday evening. I can't believe the fall open house is already here! I also can't believe I'm so prepared for it!

Yesterday I jumped into the studio to finish up various pieces sitting on my bench. The poppy jasper necklace that I hadn't touched for 6 months? Well, I decided to finish it.


This piece makes me feel as though I shouldn't make jewelry. And I don't know how to solder. And that I need a bigger torch (this is a sure thing, I would really like to upgrade to acetylene/oxygen, as scary as that is!).

I think I made the whole thing work, but I'm not holding my breath. I guess we'll see after I put it in the polisher to give it a thorough cleaning. Solder fails always show up better then.

In other news, I'm quite pleased with everything else to be finished. A dear little prehnite necklace (it's pretty dear. Seriously.), a small carnelian necklace with an old/new design, and a submarine necklace for the shop instead of me, since I kept the first one. A handful of earrings and then it's on to price tags and earring cards and I'll be set to sell!

Recap of my trip to see my favorite boyfriend:
-Young's double chocolate stout ice cream floats (!)
-lots of fried things at the TX state fair, including cookie dough, oreos, and pickles.
-minor panic attack on the ferris wheel at the TX state fair.
-lots of sleeping.
-lots of television show marathons.
-my favorite cupcakes ever!
-lots of being completely lazy
-a little plant browsing

And then I came back to one of the neediest cats in the universe. I woke up in the middle of the night and she had positioned herself next to me/on my arm in such a manner that it was as though I was holding my very own live stuffed animal. Pathetic.

Oh, and...

There will be a give away on facebook before the end of the week!

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