Saturday, October 23, 2010

hello, it is Saturday.

I can't believe day 2 of 3 of the open house is already over. My lungs are rejoicing (asthma triggered by allergies in a house with multiple cats - which is one of my worst triggers), the rest of me is not.

It's such a wonderfully different thing to sell in person after months of only interacting with people online. I get to see their reactions. I get to tell them how I made something. I get to see people pick something up and watch their faces and put it in their basket. Things I made!

Not to mention being surrounded by such great people. There is a woman who makes beautiful pottery. And another who makes lovely scarves and collages. A gentleman that brings his southwestern flair and endless stories. And another woman, new this year, who makes deliciously rustic copper and silver pieces. And then, of course, the hosts - making piles of gemmy earrings and necklaces, 22k and 24k chains, and SO much more.

Everything about the open house weekends is a treat and I wish they could happen every month.

I finished these 2 earrings shortly before I went over to set up yesterday:

A little different take on my lulas. Next time I do them this way I think they need to be made with a thicker gauge of silver...these are featherweights. I rather like them, though. And I like the texture.

Shaboom earrings:
I started these over a year ago! They kept getting pushed back. Originally they were going to have metal spoony things hanging from them, but I tried it and didn't like how any of the variations looked. Then I tried wire wrapping some stones and I thought that would work, so I ordered these lovely garnets. Autumn-y earrings! Swingy earrings! I really love them. Little fall jellyfish for your ears. They sold almost I may have to make another pair or 2.

That is all over here...the etsy shop will be a bit bare upon it's reopening, but that's just fine. I will manage. I will make some more. You know.

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