Thursday, October 7, 2010

Made to fit YOU.

I'm giving something new a try. I've seen a few others on etsy doing this, and it makes sense. I mean, I can hope that someone falls in love with my jewelry. I can then further hope that it fits their fingers.


I can just make it their size to begin with.

For all of you new to the jewelry game: Once a stone is set, it's done. I have no resizing equipment (and even then, I'd only be able to stretch a ring up a size or so). I also don't particularly like the idea of resizing things, as metal only has so much malleability. So, unless I took the ring apart, potentially rendering it to a point of no return, it can't be soldered after the stone is set. Stones will crack, children will cry, and all in all it's very devastating.

I picked these 2 designs because they are full of quirk and I want to give them the best chance they can have.

This boulder opal reminds me so much of the Big Island. Much of it is made up of neutral lava rock, yet it's surrounded by the deep blue of the Pacific and hosts lush greenery and gorgeous fresh water pools with waterfalls spilling into them. The stone is largely made up of brown ironstone, with streams of watery blue and clear opal running throughout.

The setting is embellished with pieces of silver that remind me of one of my favorite things in the whole world: snorkeling. There is nothing like floating in the water for hours, watching all of the fish and underwater plant life interact.

A lovely slab of imperial jasper in shades of mauve and grey and cream. Two stacks of hammered dots of silver (I melted silver into balls and hammered them flat - these are thick and rich!), 3 silver balls attached to the bezel.

I would be happy to make either of these into a ring in your size or a pendant, depending on your preference!

Please contact me here, by email, or on etsy if you're interested. I am closing shop tomorrow for my 10 day vacation, but they will be there when I return - I'm not bringing them to the open house on the 22nd!

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